I’m Mariae (pronounced Maria) I’m the founder of Happy Endings. A quarterly book subscription box, curated for romance readers, craving a little heat between the pages, one spicy novel at a time. I’m also a wife, a mother of 3 adult sons and grandmother to 2 amazing little ones. And I’m also a self-published romance author. I write under the pen name Reese Spenser. I’ve been obsessed with romance novels since I was 14 years old. As Reese Spenser I get to write my own happy endings. As the founder of Happy Endings Book Box, I want to introduce you to some of my favorite lesser-known indie romance authors, alongside some of my favorite bestselling award-winning romance authors. That is why each Happy Endings Book Box will contain 5 romance novels featuring some amazing authors. Some of them you may not have heard of, and some are very well known to all of us. If you love spicy romance novels as much as I do, it is my hope that you take this journey with me.

Fun Facts about me

  • Love to dance
  • Love county music
  • I didn’t have my first slice of pizza until I was 17 years old
  • Team Edward
  • Definitely Gryffindor
  • Favorite color is blue
  • Love to travel
  • Try almost anything once, twice if I like it and three times just to make sure